about michelle

“i believe that everything happens for a reason. my past lives are a definite road map to where i am today. i was a dancer and this helps me define my photos through lines and balance. i worked in fashion retail for years and it helps me understand trends. i’m a techie geek with a computer science background and i need that to control my camera, equipment and all the software needed to transform my photos into art. but really to me it’s about..real life, real people, real photos. more often than not i find myself looking for a person’s essence as i shoot a photograph. it’s always nice to have a beautiful picture; the right light, the right composition, the right colors… but it’s even better when the right personality injects itself fully onto the image. i might set a story in motion or just guide it along snapping away the whole time, but every now and then i’ll sneak a shot when no one’s looking. i’m constantly hunting for that elusive moment, the look that describes a person to the T. the rules on the playground are simple. relax, be yourself, have fun, pretend the camera’s not there and don’t forget to breathe.”

COCO gallery is a southern california based photography company operating out of costa mesa, CA.

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