My first question is always .. “what is YOUR definition of sexy?”

Provocative SULTRY titillating SWEET alluring ROMANTIC erotic

I have a host of words that can answer this question.


None of them negative.

Tempting STEAMY teasing CHARMING spicy EROTIC risque

All of them POWERFUL.

BOUDOIR + SEXY can mean naked or nearly so but it doesn’t always have to be. sexy comes in many
forms and its mostly from the mind. I’ve met women who are gorgeous but don’t know how to do sexy
and I’ve also met women who just by virtue of their aura and attitude exude sex appeal. fully clothed or
baring skin, every woman has it … has the potential for it. Sometimes it’s just on a dimmer switch and
once discovered can go from off to powerhouse in 3 clicks of a camera. There is beauty and sensuality
in every line, every curve and every breath in a woman’s body. It’s a power that comes from within,
it’s experience worth exploring and it belongs on the bucket list. Discover your potential, find yourself,
celebrate the woman in you and celebrate sensuality.

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